I Dislike Adulting


Volume 7 Issue 1 (24)

Adult EcardWhen we were kids (<18), we dream of growing up and being adults. Now that I am an adult (32), sometimes I wish I was a kid again. Well maybe not a kid, just the responsibility level of a kid…during the summer, and still having access to money, some how.
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Week In Review 08/14/2015, Business Hours edition

Volume 6 Issue 4 (23)

Week In ReviewSo let’s keep this series going, shall we? So what has happen this week? What am I thankful for? Let’s take a look at work, education, and life.

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Week In Review 08/07/2015, Business Hours edition

Volume 6 Issue 3 (22)

Week In ReviewSo after watching the video, 6 Traits All Successful People Have, I want to take the advice of doing a weekly thankful journal entry and tweak it a bit. Please note on these ‘week in review’ articles there might be shared stories between the business hours and after hours editions.

I want to list out what I am thankful for, weekly, but also a recap of the week. Quite honestly I have a horrible memory, so this is somewhat selfish. I struggle with the future of my sites and what I want to do. Do I want to keep it as a hobby I do at my leisure and never fully satisfied knowing it could be more or do I try to turn it into a business model? How much do I want to do this versus something else?

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One Nation Under God

Volume 6 Issue 2 (21)

One Nation Under God

Yes, I am a Christian and an American. Yes, I believe in the Bible. No, I do not have it memorized. No, I do not claim to be perfect; I am a sinner. I struggle with things constantly, and that is between me and God.

Now, that is out of the way, so let’s clarify some other matters. Typically, I avoid controversial matters in group discussions and especially placing them on the web. This includes religion, politics, and my own personal beliefs; however, I do not think this is the time for me to be quiet. In my opinion, over the past 55 years or so, the Christian voice has become quieter and quieter in America.

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AT&T Wireless 2yr vs. Next 24

Volume 6 Issue 1 (20)

ZTE_Z992_Avail_2_34115_ATT_Wireless_01So this is what AT&T Wireless is up to. I am eligible for an upgrade in June and my wife in August. This is based on the original 2 year contract where you get a discount on the phone.

It’s my birthday week, so I wanted to see if I could upgrade early. Best Buy wouldn’t budge, so we went to the AT&T store. I walked up to ‘Epic Beard Man’ and said, “I want 2 new phones on a 2 year contract.”

Please note that the tax is based on Texas (8.25%).

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